Sharaf Beitar, Chiropraktor und MSc in Chiropraktik

More about Sharaf:

Sharaf Beitar is a chiropractor and Master of Science in Chiropractic. As the owner of one of the most successful chiropractic practices in Germany, he also lectures as a keynote speaker at international congresses about the special effect of vitalistic chiropractic and the secret of his work-life balance.

In addition, Sharaf Beitar has been passing on his knowledge and experience in practice management seminars for several years. With this professional coaching, he helps colleagues and their teams to achieve an optimal practice structure and shows them how to run a chiropractic practice profitably and with maximum personal satisfaction in the long term.

He also lives his vision of Chiropractic Life Care in his private life and consistently follows his conviction that with positive thinking, commitment and, not least, regular adjustments, one can lead an all-round happy life. He himself as well as his patients and his coaching participants.

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