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David Morton was one of the first in Germany to study chiropractic at Dresden International. He opened his practice in 2015 with his Master of Science degree.

During and after his studies, he curiously encountered many different characters and perspectives in chiropractic – all over the world. This brought a challenge: to sort through and understand all of it.

After a year-long journey through different approaches and groupings, many of his questions about the world of chiropractic still remained unanswered for him. So he began to educate himself scientifically and research chiropractic on his own, driven by the question, “What do we REALLY know – and how does that make our lives as chiropractors* better?”

David is now a lecturer, co-founder of “Chiropractic Masterclass”, PhD candidate in public health and a contact for all those who, like him, think that science should be given more attention alongside art and philosophy.

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The science behind Innate Intelligence

In this lecture he bundles his experiences and insights and shows how his and our actions as chiropractors gain in quality.