Fröhliche junge Menschen sitzen nebeneinander

For chiropractic students we have come up with something special: as those who often do not yet have their own practices, there will be a sponsorship for the congress entrance fee.

How does this work?

Donate money for the student entrance fee:

You have a well-run practice and would like to support a student to attend the congress? Then donate an amount of your choice and transfer the sum to the following account:
IBAN: DE73 2003 0000 0610 5056 53
Account holder: DAGC

Who will be sponsored?

From all students who register for congress until 31 July, we will randomly draw five students whose entrance fees will be financed by donations. If we raise more than the required amount, we will of course sponsor more students. These students will be then notified by us personally. Registrations that have already been received will, of course, also be taken into account!

Dinner buffet on top:

For every student whose entry can be financed through sponsorship, we as an association will pay for the dinner buffet. So nothing stands in the way of the party!